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Sustainability Award

Sustainability is today one of the single most important global issues facing the world. A clear understanding of these issues of climate change, global warming, air and water pollution etc… is essential and we need to know how these can be integrated into our business to play our part in preserving the environment.

Sustainability has become the focus of the management of Le Duc de Praslin to ensure that our economic and social impact is in line with best practices and the hotel reduces its carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels, recycles its waste and contribute towards a greener Seychelles.

Le Duc de Praslin has over the years integrated these environmental best practices into its operations and embarked on a sustainable program to provides its guests and essentially our country with a hotel product that not only respects and protects the environment but also a holiday experience that is in line with responsible tourism.

We started several years back with the introduction of an energy saver room KEY CARD SYSTEM whereby all lights, air-conditioning units and other power outlets are automatically switched off when clients are not occupying their rooms. This system can reduce energy consumption by about 25%.

With the introduction of LED light bulbs, all lighting throughout the hotel was replaced with LED energy saver alternatives resulting in a further saving on the hotel’s energy consumption.

The next phase was the RAIN WATER HARVESTING project with an intricate system of rainwater collection from the rooftops of the hotel buildings installed with a storage capacity of over 100,000 liters. We are in the process of increasing this capacity by 2019 and improving the filtration system to make maximum use of this harvested water.

Le Duc de Praslin was the first hotel in Seychelles to introduce the MAGNA POOL SYSTEM, the most advanced and most environmentally friendly swimming pool system which uses Magnesium and other minerals instead of the very harsh chlorine that goes back to the environment as well adverse long term effect on bathers. The hotel boasts three swimming pools utilizing this system.

The installation of a complex SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM – from consumption in rooms to laundry operations – yielded a massive reduction in both water consumption and energy required for heating of the water. The hotel’s laundry facilities are now equipped with new High Spin Washers which has resulted in a 50% reduction in the use of dryers that consumes a lot of electricity.

One of the single most major recent investments has seen the installation of a 65KW PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM, which will almost double, in capacity by October 2018.  With the addition another 35KW totaling 100KW of SOLAR POWER, the system will be the biggest of any hotel in Seychelles, earning an estimated saving of over 35% in electricity consumption.

Significant investments in 2017 resulted in the installation of brand new inverter type air-conditioning units for all the hotel rooms with an estimated 25% energy savings compared the normal units that were replaced. The next phase is the upgrade of all its Refrigerated systems by end of March 2018. This will see the introduction of the most sophisticated and energy saving gas systems (R32 gas – the cleanest gas and saving almost 40% on normal gas) available and Le Duc de Praslin will be the first hotel to use this special gas.

The hotel is embarking on a new extension project this year consisting of 20 new deluxe rooms and a state of the art gym and Spa whereby all the above sustainability elements reducing our carbon footprint will be integrated. As part of this new extension project, a new Bio sewage treatment plant will be installed and up and running by early 2019.

Le Duc de Praslin has a policy of trying its best to employ local staff and it boast a workforce of 80% locals which is a very rare feat for a 4 star plus hotel establishment.

As a further contribution towards sustainable community development, Le Duc de Praslin is the proud sponsor of Cote D’Or Football Club – one of the country’s best and biggest sports clubs. The hotel is thus one of the biggest contributors towards football and sports to in the country. This noble mission provides the youth and young adults of Praslin with an opportunity to focus on sports instead of bad influences. This unique sponsorship contribution provides perhaps the biggest element of pride to the island of Praslin as it brings a fantastic ‘Joie de Vivre’ to the islanders every time the team wins and brings ‘home’ prestigious prizes and cups. This overwhelming joy and satisfaction has helped to raise the profile of Praslin as a force in sports both locally and intentionally, helping the hotel to further boast its sustainability credentials in both the physical and humanitarian / community aspect of these very important environmental best practices.

The hotel’s sponsorship also extends to more humanitarian / community aspects with the patronage over many years of the main yearly lottery prize of the community church, helping to bring better values to its community. Amongst other charitable deeds, the hotel and Cote D’Or FC  continuously engages itself in sponsorship of a special lunch for the children of the Baie Sainte Anne public school on Children’s Day every year.